Process Weighing

Process Weighing

Mass Belt Scale

Mass Belt Scales are made up of state of the art technology. They are very simple to install & maintain.

  • 2/4/8 Load cells mounted directly under the Idler Brackets. This eliminates any friction during load transfer and ensures accurate weighing
  • 1024 Pulses per revolution Digital Speed Encoders ensure very accurate speed measurement
  • Except for alignment of preceeding & succeeding Idlers no maintenance is required
  • MODBUS over RS485 & RS232
  • Feed rate from 5tph to 2400 tph
  • Belt width upto 1800mm
  • Belt speed upto 6m/s
  • Suitable for even portable crushing & screening plants
  • Accuracy- +/- 0.25 t 2% depending upon the application & condition of conveyor
  • Optional: PLC Integration with PROFIBUS Protocol
  • Optional: SMS Alerter Modems
  • Optional: Remote monitoring over internet
  • Mining, aggregate plants, cement steel, fertilizer, power & food industry application

Mass Weigh Feeder

  • Mass Weigh Feeders uses Side walled belt to prevent spillage
  • 2 Load cells are mounted under the Weigh Idler Shaft
  • Fully Electronic weigh module
  • No mechanical Lever or Parallogram Weigh Module
  • Compact Controller with only 3 PCBs
  • Least Complicated design
  • Simple to maintain
  • Open & Closed Modules
  • Any belt width & feed rate
  • MODBUS / PROFIBUS Protocol
  • Accuracy – +/- 0.25 t 2% depending upon the application & condition of conveyor

Mass Solid Impact Flow Meter

Mass-Clarence Richard SIFMs can be tailor made for most of the site conditions. Contact us for More details & quote.

MASS -Bin/Hopper/Silo/Tank weighing Systems, loss in weighing etc

Silo/Hopper/Bin / Tank weighing Systemswith different type of Load Cells & Controllers,To choose from, for Industrial Automation,Including Loss in weight feeders

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