Onboard Weighing

Mass Onboard Loader Weighing

Key features
  • Easy to install or re-install
  • Operates on 24V DC supply from Battery. Max power 10W.
  • Big TFT color LCD display (640*480 dot).
  • Wireless communication option
  • 2 high precision pressure transducers, positioning sensor ensure repeated long term accuracy

Excavator Scale

Mass Excavator scale consists of 2 nos of high precision pressure transducers, positioning sensor and the controller with built in printer target of the weight to be Loaded to Dumper Can be set. The Controller Will Show each bucket weight, Total weight Loaded and how much +/- etc in display. If the Cabin is Air conditioned & Dust free the built-in printer will give printout once Loading of Each Vehicle is completed.

Forklift Weighing

Mass Onboard Truck Scale

Weigh in real time – no waiting

You don’t have to customize your trucks. We custom fit load-man to your trucks. Achieve repeatable results with system calibration only once per year.

Save time/money

Save time and money. Monitor cycles times between loads and carry-back.

Extreme durability

Load-man operates reliably and requires minimal service despite severe weather and harsh conditions.

Consistent payloads

Improve tonnage per day per vehicle by maximizing payload without risking overloading.

Less wear and tear

Less wear on truck components: extends the life of your tyres.

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