Level Sensors & Flow Meters


Rador Type Level Sensor For Solids, Liquids & Powdery material-converted

Principle of operation:

Radar Level Antenna emits narrow microwave pulses that transmitted down by the antenna. Themicrowave comes into contact with the measured medium surface then reflected back andreceiving by the antenna system. The signal is transmitted to electronic circuit and partlyconcert to level signals

Mass Ultrasonic Level Sensors

UEM 3000 SeresIntegrated & Separate IndicatonUltrasonicLevel Sensors

Complete range of Flow Meters

  • Liquid Turbine FlowMeter
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  • Vortex Flow Meter

MR263 RLS for Water Level

  • Mass Model MR263
  • Application: Rivers, Lakes, Dams etc
  • Measuring range: upto30m
  • Process Connection: Thread G11/2A”/Frame/Flange
  • Temperature: -40 to 100 ◦CProcess Pressure: Normal
  • Accuracy: +/-3mm
  • Frequency range: 26GHz
  • Protection: IP67/IP65
  • Power supply: DC _6-24V)/ four wire
  • Signal output: RS485/Modbus Protocol
  • The screen display optional
  • Shell Aluminium

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