We are a solution provider for complete range of Industrial Electronic Weighing Systems & material Handling equipment.

About the company

Belt scales, loader & dumper scales with SMS and web monitoring

Solution provider for complete range of industrial electronic weighing systems and material handling equipment, including, design, sales and service with state of the art electronics from reputed multinationals from all over the globe.

Our Products

Mass Onboard Loader Weighing

Key features
  • Easy to install or re-install
  • Operates on 24V DC supply from Battery. Max power 10W.
  • Big TFT color LCD display (640*480 dot).
  • Wireless communication option
  • 2 high precision pressure transducers, positioning sensor ensure repeated long term accuracy
Mass Onboard Loader Weighing

Excavator Scale

Mass Excavator scale consists of 2 nos of high precision pressure transducers, positioning sensor and the controller with built in printer target of the weight to be Loaded to Dumper Can be set. The Controller Will Show each bucket weight, Total weight Loaded and how much +/- etc in display. If the Cabin is Air conditioned & Dust free the built-in printer will give printout once Loading of Each Vehicle is completed.

Mass Excavator Scale

Forklift Weighing

Forklift Weighing

Mass Onboard Truck Scale

  • Weigh in real time - no waiting.

    You don't have to customize your trucks. We custom fit load-man to your trucks. Achieve repeatable results with system calibration only once per year.

  • Save time/money.

    Save time and money. Monitor cycles times between loads and carry-back.

  • Extreme durability

    Load-man operates reliably and requires minimal service despite severe weather and harsh conditions.

  • Consistent payloads

    Improve tonnage per day per vehicle by maximizing payload without risking overloading.

  • Less wear and tear

    Less wear on truck components: extends the life of your tyres.

Mass Onboard Truck Scale Mass Onboard Truck Scale

Material Handling Products

Portable Conveyors with Belt scale for Loading Applications at Port mines etc.

Mass Material Handling Products

Process Weighing

Mass Belt Scale

Mass Belt Scales are made up of state of the art technology. They are very simple to install & maintain.

  • 2/4/8 Load cells mounted directly under the Idler Brackets. This eliminates any friction during load transfer and ensures accurate weighing
  • 1024 Pulses per revolution Digital Speed Encoders ensure very accurate speed measurement
  • Except for alignment of preceeding & succeeding Idlers no maintenance is required
  • MODBUS over RS485 & RS232
  • Feed rate from 5tph to 2400 tph
  • Belt width upto 1800mm
  • Belt speed upto 6m/s
  • Suitable for even portable crushing & screening plants
  • Accuracy- +/- 0.25 t 2% depending upon the application & condition of conveyor
  • Optional: PLC Integration with PROFIBUS Protocol
  • Optional: SMS Alerter Modems
  • Optional: Remote monitoring over internet
  • Mining, aggregate plants, cement steel, fertilizer, power & food industry application
Standard Conveyer Scale Garland Conveyer Module

Mass Weigh Feeder

  • Mass Weigh Feeders uses Side walled belt to prevent spillage
  • 2 Load cells are mounted under the Weigh Idler Shaft
  • Fully Electronic weigh module
  • No mechanical Lever or Parallogram Weigh Module
  • Compact Controller with only 3 PCBs
  • Least Complicated design
  • Simple to maintain
  • Open & Closed Modules
  • Any belt width & feed rate
  • MODBUS / PROFIBUS Protocol
  • Accuracy - +/- 0.25 t 2% depending upon the application & condition of conveyor
Mass Weigh Feeder
Mass Weigh Feeder Mass Weigh Feeder Mass Weigh Feeder

Mass Solid Impact Flow Meter

Mass-Clarence Richard SIFMs can be tailor made for most of the site conditions. Contact us for More details & quote.

Mass Solid Impact Flow Meter

Semi-automatic Bagging

Jumbo Bag Bagging

  • Can be tailor made to suit various Products & site Conditions
  • 500 / 1000kg bagging Capacity
  • Repeatable Long term accuracy of +/- 0.2%
  • Double Scree Feeder type for best accuracy
  • 10-12 bags per hour bagging Capacity
  • All SS System optional
  • Conveyors optional
  • Fully Automatic System optional

Open Mouthed Bagging

  • For free-flowing material like Sugar, Fertilizer, Rice Etc
  • 5-100kg Bagging range
  • All SS Optional
  • Repeatable Long term accuracy of +/- 0.2%
  • 3 bags per minute speed
  • Conveyor & Stitching or Sealing system optional

Mass Valve Bag Bagging

This series of machines are designed for super fine poweders and granules with medium to high bulk density and small parcel size. The unique impeller design allows for fast and uniform feed flow to maintain a fast packing speed. Applicable materials include: cement, dry mortar, kieselquhr, perlite additive, lime carbonate and siliceous dust etc.

Technical parameters
  • Weighing range: 10kg - 50kg
  • Filling speed: 3-6 bags per minute (packing speed depends on the material features and packing material)
  • Weighing accuracy +/- 0.2 to 0.4
  • Applicable voltage: AC220V - 440V 50/60HZ Three Phases and Four Poles (Local voltage and frequency be specified by the clients)
  • Air source requirement: 0.4 - 0.8MPa dry compressed air. Total air consumtion: 0.8m3/min
  • All SS Optional
  • Repeatable Long term accuracy of +/- 0.2%
  • 3 bags per minute speed
  • Conveyor & Stitching or Sealing system optional

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